Builders BrightonHere at Development Hut, we’re committed to building your dreams. Be it home extensions, home renovations, loft conversions or new builds; the highly-experienced team at Development Hut are equipped and ready to bring your ideal extensions to life. With over 25 years of experience in the construction business you can rest assured that by bringing your project to Development Hut, you’re leaving it in more than capable hands!

A new extension can breathe new life into a home, allowing you and your family to fill it with new memories and experiences. Equally, an expert renovation can substantially increase the value of your property, if you’re considering putting it on the market! We strive to make sure that as many aspects of each project are kept as green as possible, meaning that your new extension, conversion or build is eco-friendly, in keeping with current high-end construction trends and a general respect for environmental-consciousness.

Renovations BrightonAt Development Hut, we’re experts at ensuring your specific plans and designs are utilised in the build. It’s your house; it only makes sense that the extension follow your personal specifications! Our service covers the complete build; from planning to completion, when you come to Development Hut you can be sure we’re not done until the job is! Our expert in-house architects will make sure that all aspects of the job are reviewed, planned out and tested before implementation, meaning you never have to worry about the headache of a once-feasible job suddenly becoming impossible!

If you’re considering an extension for your property within the Sussex, Surrey and South London areas, give us a call today on 01273 962 019 and we discuss your desired extension. Together, we can develop your dream build into a plan, and from there into a reality!

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