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New Build HomesA new build is a whole new chapter in the life of a home. Deciding to add a whole new structure to the grounds of your property is a large undertaking, of course, and you owe it to yourself to commission a reputable, reliable and experienced construction company to help bring your fantasy to life.

At Development Hunt, we have 25 years of experience in the design, planning and construction of new builds. Once you commission our services, our in-house team of expert architects will go over every inch of the design and planning process, ensuring that no element of your intended new build is outside the realm of possibility. All of our projects are fully guaranteed, letting you rest easy regarding any unexpected future developments. Along with all of this, we strive to ensure that all of our projects are as green and eco-conscious as possible, in keeping with the current trends of construction and a general respect for the environment.

New Build ConstructionYour new build can be whatever you want it to be! From summer houses in which to enjoy the warm evenings and entertain guests to conservatories; the ultimate in garden relaxation! Or perhaps you’re more interested in an office or study, disconnected from the main structure of your home. What could be a better centre of focus and motivation than a dedicated new build in which to work from home or pour over your favourite subjects? You deserve better than a shed! Or, for the health-addict, you can always begin planning out your own personalised home-gym and fitness centre!

The possibilities truly are endless when considering a new build on your home, and we here at Development Hut are ready and eager to get to work on building your ideal new build. Call us now on 01273 962 019 or fill in your details on our contact form and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible, at which point we can start to discuss your plans for a new build and arrange a start date.

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